About us

BLUE SKY, we are the first digital platform that provides a specialized virtual cemetery service to remember our loved ones who have passed away.

What is BLUE SKY?

It is a virtual cemetery created to pay homage to our loved ones, allowing them to place photos, memories, candles, send condolences and even flowers, in an inclusive way, without distinction of social origin, gender, race, political or religious creed, respecting diversity. of thoughts and beliefs, expressed in different customs, giving everyone a space for reflection and recollection.

At Blue Sky, we give you the option of making a virtual visit in that space reserved for that special being who left and that for some reason we cannot physically visit in the holy field.

We offer a different and innovative possibility to pay posthumous tribute to our loved ones who have left, but will always remain in our minds and hearts.

Our service seeks to keep alive the memory of our loved ones highlighting the human sense and that make us think that their departure has not been a goodbye but a see you soon.

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